Female to Male Body to Body Massage in Hyderabad-Escort services

In this Sheetal spa at Hyderabad lots of individual, combined and special types of massage is provided they are
– Body to body massage
– Warm oil massage with hot shower
– 2 to 1 Hydro massage
– Breast rubbing to Happy ending massage
– Nuru gel massage
– Thai massage
– High pressure foot massage
– Sandwich massage
– Soapy massage
– Erotic massage with herb bag
– Nude massage
– Aroma & Ayurveda massage

– One for shower one for lover
– 2 Girls, 4 Hands massage
– We don’t entertain fake profile or non-trusted people to avail our service, all our customers are best and we always treat them like king, so from the time you arrive till the time you leave the complete hospitality is given without compromising on world standard, since we are operating in this service for more than five years we understand the pulse of customers and we follow perfect rhythm of massage service.
– Caring on customer satisfaction, responding to client’s feedback, delivering the perfect love is our entire motto and the secret towards success. On every service we learn new things, we develop and evolve according to the market needs this makes us stand on top rank amongst our competitors.

During every massage human body undergoes various chemical changes and physical reflex action. In all massage the therapist apply gel or lubricants on the skin and flexes the body for various massage strokes and this as a result in breaking up tension, releasing new enzymes to repair, get pain relief on certain areas and some says it is a stress buster and happy ending performance but other than that every client get some other benefits like , blood circulation directed manually to affected area, knots and nerve connecting area are triggered and overall by this entire body metabolism is supported by gentle performance. Massage therapy does not give only outer benefits as we all know it gets deep in to our muscle and tissue to rejuvenate and produce new cells and energize our body.

This massage therapy gives different benefits on different client to different level, when massage is applied on body it gives physical benefits like lowering blood pressure, relaxing respiration, physical recovery, slow down heart rate and much more. Massage is a kind of physical play started and developed through ages and also it is been exercised and through research and technology it crossed to different levels but it is a great fortune for mankind to get relief from body pain and mental relaxation, There are so many evidence in Asia and Europe about the practice and existence of the art of massage in different ways but all this facilities was provided and completely enjoyed by noble people, kings and queens or any rich blood line group but slowly this techniques was taught and learnt by many people and taken in to hands for the treatment and benefits in medical ailment.

Female to Male
Dual Female with one Male
Dual Female with Two male
These types of massage are recommended and best for the people who are in search of
emotional treatment, it is a combination of two components – massage and flavor induce
It helps in various factor of
 Energy boosting
 Increasing memory
 Stress relief
 Decrease anxiety and regulate normal metabolism
 Relieves muscle tension and pain
 Good remedy for depression
This massage applies tantric motion all over the body along with aromatized essential oils.
Basically masseuse apply soft and gentle pressure during this massage Happy ending thus sounds so exciting with full anticipation and it is our motto too.

In Hyderabad our Body massage happy ending with full service is a signature special of Sheetal spa with a very nominal price. In this full service happy ending body massage, we treat our customers physic as a medium to attain their own happiness to soul and spirit. We blend the art of Kama sutra and deliver fulfillment by using the technique of lingam rub and tickling the pressure point, nerve tips to reveal the human body secret.Both the master and masseuse are totally free to test and experiment their imagination on physical treatment and pleasure ailment, masseuse will rub her humps on all the sensual and erectile area to arouse the customer and insert his manhood in to cleft for extra pleasure. As a final touch act of thrusting performance is applied this completes the full service and will reveal the manhood pleasure.

This is a traditional and very authentic massage for various age group people, well experienced people will assist in this service  and this massage will either be performed blank (Nude) or semi blank. Massage is an art and in this Sheetal spa and massage center we show good skill and perfection, yes massaging one’s body is a way of cleansing the body and creating satisfied feel to our mental illness and that can be achieved through step by step successful and co relating course. We provide body to body massage, male to female massage, dry massage, powder massage, shower massage and many more as our client needs. Since massage is a medium and technique to cleanse our body to support free blood supply, this helps in rejuvenating system.

We take special care from the initial level because our body skin opens its pores to observe all the minerals and medicinal values when it is rubbed and warmed and in continuation to the same will dissolve the values in to our body blood stream and carried to all parts of our body. In this play the generic pressure is applied which will be exercise to our muscles and fixes the tendons. This exercise allows to expand our nerves and veins in which the blood flow will be speedy and more and so when it reaches our heart it will be supplied all over the body where the energy supply, recovery and repair process and rejuvenation happens and as well as a end result our brain feels relaxed and happy since the pain and stress is relieved all out of our body which gives a good feel and aathmic relaxation.

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